MUMBAI : The poetry is being confused with history and some  extremist elements not knowing the facts are opposing release of film “PADMAVATI” even  as none of them saw the film .This explanation has come from the makers of the film which is now in the centre of controversy .

Film Censor Board has issued certificate for the release of the film but some elements are  overlooking the law and taking law into their hands .The extremist elements got another chance through this film to spread Hindu Muslim enmity. They are not sparing any chance to polarize the society on communal ground.

They are spreading rumor among  a particular community that film is offending this community as it depicts romantic scenes of Rani Padmavati and King Allaudin Khilji .Th film makers have time and again clarified that the film does not contain any such scenes but protesters are in no mood to listen .That proves that they have vested interests and instead of going to legal forums to address their grievances  they are  resorting to  violence and spreading hatred .

If they had any genuine complaint they might have moved censor borad or courts but they did not take this course of action .The  film PADMAVATI is actually based on  a work of fiction and not  on any historical account .Thelegend of PADMAVATI has origin in the literary work and poetry of  sixteenth century Poet Malik Mohammed Jaisi  who wrote this poem Padmavat in 1540 .

Experts and historians say that such story is not a part of any historical account so the forces opposing the film PADMAVATI are opposing on distorted account and  their own interpretation of history .Some BJP leaders and Sangh Pariwar  organisations are fuelling such protests but no action is being taken against them .A BJP MLA from Hyderabad threatened to burn Cinema Hall showing the film , but no action has been taken against him and such other organisations.

So What message  the governments  are sending by their inaction against threats  and violence against film Padmavati   ?



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