Prime Minister Modi Proved Partition was Right: Imran Khan

Pakistani Politician and ex-cricketer Imran Khan said that India-Pakistan relations have reached to the lowest level so far, while both countries entered celebration of their 70th Anniversary of Independence. He also remarked that Decision of Partition was right which has been proved by Modi Government.  Tehreek-e-Insaf Leader Imran Khan expressed such views terming the most tragic event of Indo-Pak history as right, while delivering a speech on the occasion of Independence day of Pakistan.

He said that he belonged to the first generation after partition of India and Pakistan. ”Pakistan was only 5 years old when I was born, therefore I know very well what is the pain of partition” said the former Captain of Pakistan National Cricket team.

Tehreek-e-Insaf Party chief further said his parents often told him that partition was necessary as Muslims would never get equal status and equal rights. ”Now, Modi Government has proved that those apprehensions which led to partition were right”  taking a dig at the Indian Prime Minister Modi and his Government.

He also alleged that according to a BBC report, present India- Pakistan relations have reached its lowest in the 70 year long history of both nations, something even he agrees with. He alleged that Indian Prime Minister has communal mind and he is very sympathetic towards fanatic Hindus. His anti Muslim image arose while he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Imran Khan added.

Imran Khan even compared Modi and Vajpayee. ”Although both of them belonged to BJP, Vajpayee was a better Prime Minister. When he was appointed PM, it was feared that during his tenure Indo-Pak relations will be at their lowest. However, relations between both the countries were very cordial,”Imran Khan said. He further added that in spite of getting a much better mandate from voters, both neighboring countries could have come much closer.

However Prime Minister Modi has not only disappointed Pakistan, but Indian Muslims too apart from disappointing all other progressive forces.



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