Students Suicide

Students Committing Suicides: A Disturbing Trend & Ways to Prevent it

As the exams season are going on we are seeing a very disturbing trend of increase in number of students committing suicides. Every year the number of cases reported is increasing all over India.

World Suicide Rate Compare
World Suicide Rate Compare

What are the factors leading to students taking this extreme step?

There are many areas to be worked on to stop this menace.

1.Education System

Education System
Education System

The education system have not gone through much change in the last couple of decades. There are not many options available for students apart from commerce and science. In the more developed countries around the world, they emphasize more on practical learning unlike India. While we focus more on theoretical studies making children rely just on the bookish content. Most of the student’s only memorize the contents of the books without understanding concepts.

2.Parental Support

Parental Support plays vital role on the Child's Mentality
Parental Support plays vital role on the Child’s Mentality

Parents play a major role in the upbringing of their children. They should be very supportive of their child’s choices in studies. As most of the parents in India decide the stream of study for their children. This becomes a major concern as many end up in engineering for a bright future instead of their own choice.

3.Peer Pressure


As you all go through your marks and ranking it just builds up the pressure to race. The marking system should be replaced by grading, bringing more uniformity. Every child is different and you cannot judge his abilities only through his mark-sheet. As many grow up to see the class back benchers becoming more successful in life than the top scorers.


Counseling the Child
Counseling the Child

Every school, college must have a counselor to address student’s issues. It’s necessary to know what’s going on their mind, to tackle their problems by involving their parents and teachers.

5) Sports

Kids active in Sports Develop Strong Mindset
Kids active in Sports Develop Strong Mindset

Students should be made to focus equally on extra-curricular activities. They should get involved in whatever indoor or outdoor sports they like for themselves. This will take off their stress levels and also lead to more medals in Olympics too.

6) Accept failure

Micheal Jordan on accepting Failure
Micheal Jordan on accepting Failure

The social stigma that comes with failure needs to be sorted out. We fail only to succeed, teachers and parents have an important role to deal with failure and realize that it’s not the end. Start afresh, have courage to fight all odds. Give motivational speeches by inviting ex-students, not only the brilliant ones but also the low scoring ones. So they connect with most of the students and they get to know there is a life beyond textbooks.




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