MUMBAI: There may be only a few Muslim women, who are victims of the misuse of Triple Talaq system, whereas there are more than 2.5 crore prostitutes in India, most of whom are slaves of brothel keepers who are forced into prostitution due to extreme poverty.

Why the government does not make a law to liberate them and provide them the opportunity to live with dignity?

Census report of India 2011 states that there are nearly 8 crore Indian Muslim women among nearly 17.5 crore Indian Muslims. Out of those Indian Muslim women, there are approximately 3.25 crore married Muslim women, 24 lakh widow Muslim Women and only approximately 2.5 lakh divorced Muslim women.

As there are many Muslim sects which do not practice the Triple Talaq system, it may be assumed that  those Muslim women who are victims of Triple Talaq are less than 1 lakh in number.

So much noise is being made over Triple Talaq, as if it is the most burning issue of the country and the Central Government must bring legislation or Common Civil Code to address this (menace of Triple Talaq).

But is this (Triple Talaq) a burning and most important issue in the country as the media is portraying it?

Or it is being made as a diversionary issue, to hide the real issues of the country?

These questions must be asked by the common citizens.

Poverty is a reality in India with a big chunk of the population still living below the Poverty Level. Poverty still poses a big challenge to India and its growth.


Governments have changed but they failed to tackle the issue of poverty and the condition still persists. Mrs. Indira Gandhi coined the slogan ‘Gareebi Hatao, Desh Bachao’, many decades ago, but just sloganeering could not solve the chronicle problem of poverty.

Studies say that even after 67 years of Independence, there is acute poverty in India, more than in the entire continent of Africa. The Per Capita Income of Crores of Indians is still very low, as 30% of Indians have less than $1 as their daily income.

One can see themself the statistics provided by studies which claim that there are more 2.5 crore sex workers in India, who are driven into the flesh trade due to acute poverty. Their lives are miserable and majority of these 2.5 crore sex workers are living as slaves of brothel keepers.

Most of them come from extremely poor families. They are brought to city with the promise of good jobs and employment but are sold to brothels. Poverty is the real culprit, which pushes them into a life full of misery, agony and disrespect.

Governments have failed to remove the poverty of the country, and this has provided brothel keepers, human traffickers and organized crime elements to exploit these poor women to force them into prostitution and earn huge profits.

Will the Government and the so called proponents of Common Civil Code, instead of shedding crocodile tears for the victims of Triple Talaq, bring  some law to ban brothels as well as prostitution, move some legislation in the Parliament to liberate 2.5 crore prostitutes from brothels and rehabilitate them to live  with dignity ?



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