UP Police Creates New Record, Five Muslim Women Including Two Minor Girls Arrested In Cow Slaughter Case!

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Is UP Police acting under pressure of Hindutva brigade to harass minorities and create communal hatred in the name of Cow Slaughter? This question is being asked as the police in the most sensitive district of UP when  Muzaffar Nagar police created a  new record by arresting five Muslim women two minor Muslim girls and their mother  in a case of cow slaughter .

This has been done at a time when by pushing Triple Talaq bill , the BJP government is claiming that it is doing great job for the  welfare of Muslim women .
But it is alleged that it is first time in the recent history that five Muslim women including minor Muslim girls have been arrested in a cow slaughter case .The two girls of the age 12 and 16 years along with their mother have been sent to jail .

According to reports ,Khatauli Police in Muzaffar Nagar registered an offence of cow slaughter and arrested 9 persons of a Muslim butcher  family including three women and two minor girls .

Police said that they seized 10 kg beef .The FIR also named 4 other persons whom police described as absconding .The father and uncle of minor girls Naseem du ddin and Vakeel are shown as absconding.

The local people alleged that when Naseemuddin the main accused fled , then annoyed police officers implicated all women including the minor girls of the family in the cow slaughter case .

Although police was provided with the adhar card of minor girls who were  shown as major in the FIR and instead of sending them to the childrens home , they were sent to jail , police officials refused to accept the adhar card as evidence of age .

The local police officials said that age of the girls shown in adhar card are false  and they are not minors .This act of police officials shows that the local police is also acting as the judiciary and they are deciding the age of  accused persons even though the documents like adhar cards are not acceptable to them .

The police officials alleged that the women were assisting the males of their famiy in cow slaughter .In such a shame full manner UP police created history and new record to arrest Muslim women and girls also in the so called cow slaughter case .



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