MUMBAI: While  PM Modi has avoided to attended Iftar parties and he did not host Pm’s Iftar party for the last four years , CM of Maharashtra Devender Fadnavis  became first CM of Maharashtra to attend a Mid Night Sehri Party  as he attended a  Desi  or purely Vegetarian Sehri  Party  , or a mid- night Sehri Party at 2.30 AM   yesterday at Mahim which was hosted by Mahim  Dargah Trust .

Also , the Mahim Dargah Trust  is first to host a Vegetarian  Sehri Party which was renamed as Desi Sehri Party in which many distinguished Muslim leaders and religious scholars participated .

Many  guests who are regulars at Iftar and Sehri  parties  being hosted in Mumbai for the last few decades  were surprised to see CM Fadnavis at Mid Night Sehri party .Many of them said that they saw CMs attending Iftar parties but Mr. Fadnavis  is  the first  CM to attend any Sehri Party .

CM Fadnavis said that the BJP government in Maharashtra is serious to solve the problems concerning Minorities .The government is doing efforts to bring Muslim minority into main stream  through many Minority welfare schemes .

He said that his government is implementing the slogan “Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas “ , therefore he is here in the Desi Sehri Party at mid night .Congress MLA Amin Patel ,MIM  MLA  Waris Pathan were among those who attended the Desi Sehri Party .

It must be noted that the Fadnavis Government banned  BEEF as it assumed the power four years ago .He is credited  to have implemented Beef Ban  in the state .

It is worth to mention that Mahim Dargah Trust organised a first ever  vegetarian Sehri Party  in the city , as the chief guest of that  night was the CM and he attended  the Sehri Party which was a purely vegetarian affair .No non vegetarian dish was served to the guests , it is reported .



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