ALAWAR : The terrorizing memories of  Pehlu Khan murder in Alwar by the so called Gav- Rakshaks reemerged when another Muslim trader Umer Khan was killed allegedly by the  cow vigilantes .

This incident happened in the Govind Garh village in Alwar district Rajasthan .The so called  Gav -Rakshak also thrashed another Muslim trader who is grievously injured .He has been admitted in the hospital , it is said .

According to details Umer Khan  and Tahir Khan , two animal traders were attacked on November 10 , 2107 at Punjab Haryana border .

They were bringing cows to Haryana when a mob waiting for them , attacked them.It is said that the so called Gav- Rakshaks fired at Umer Khan who died in firing .

It is alleged that this attack and illegal firing took place in presence of police force .The policemen were present when Umer Khan and Tahir Khan were  stopped by the mob .

The family members also alleged that while police staff present did not try to save the victims , they let the criminals get away .Even the FIR was not registered against the killers as the dead body of Umer Khan was kept at the government hospital .

The role of local police is very much suspect in this case.The relatives of the victims feel that the local police was in league with criminals in planning and conspiracy to commit this crime .

Local people of Alwar and Meo are alleging that this killing and lynching is the extension of Pehlu Khan lynching.

While Tahir was lynched, Umer Khan was shot dead by the so called Gav Rakshaks .Pehlu Khan was a dairy farmer like  Tahir Khan and Umer Khan .The police did suspicious investigation in Pehlu Khan case as names of six accused persons were removed from FIR .Police said that they were not involved in the crime.The local police is biased since then .In the present case also local police’s  inaction has come into sharp criticism from the victim families .



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