MUMBAI: The video of a senior politician from Raigarh Mr.Jayant Patil shouting at film star Shah rukh Khan when he was in his yacht went viral .The MLC  of PWP Mr. Jayant Patil  who usually travels in Yacht  between Alibaugh to Mumbai  is  seen in the video shouting at the film star .The  MLC Jayant Patil is based in Ali Baugh and he visits Mantaralaya  by sea route .

Shahrukh Khan has his farm house in Ali baugh.He also uses Yacht to travel to his farm house .The incident happened at the jetty .It is reported that MLC Jayant Patil was to leave for Ali Baugh and he was waiting for his Yacht to deck at the jetty .

But Shahrukh Khan arrived in his bigger Yacht and his Yacht was stationed  at the jetty .Although there was a police officer and other security staff including personnel  security staff of Shahrukh khan  at the jetty at the time of incident , nobody dared to intervene when MLC Jayant Patil got angry .

He shouted at the film star Shahrukh Khan who did not come out of his Yacht  sensing the trouble out side .The  video shows the Yacht of Patil coming and being stationed next to that of  Shahrukh Khan .MLC Patil then crossed over  to the  Yacht of Shahrukh khan .He boarded his own Yacht and from there he shouted at Shahrukh Khan who was inside his yacht .

Patil said , Kya poora Ali baugh Khareed liya hai ?”

As MLC Patil went  away in his Yacht , film star Shahrukh Khan emerged from his Yacht along with his body guards and proceeded towards the road  .He was  welcomed by his fans by claps and calls .And it seemed  as if  nothing untoward happened there just few moments ago .Shahrukh Khan  wished to his fans with smile on his face .



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