MUMBAI : CM of Maharashtra Fadnavis who came under fire from opposition parties for mishandling law and order situation of the state  blamed outsiders for the recent caste violence in Maharashtra which was triggered in Bhima Koregaon on January 01 , 2108 .He said that some outsiders are coming to the state and they are raising communal issues here .

He  it is presumed ,referred to the Gujarat  Dalit MLA Jagnesh Mewani and Umer Khalid who  attended  the celebrations of Mahara over Peshawas in 1818.

Maharashtra CM also said that a judicial inquiry has been ordered into all violent incidents and all those who will be held responsible will be punished .He said that police have been ordered to collect CCTV footages  at all those locations which saw violent incidents today and yesterday .

He accused the opposition of resorting to politics of hatred .”Those who do not have the agenda of development, they resort to incitement .Therefore they create the situation of tension and violence. But the people of Maharashtra will not fall prey to such tactics, “ CM Fadnavis said .

He said that those who are inciting the society for political benefit must be identified and media must also not support them .



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