MUMBAI:The RSS off shoot or a front organisation Muslim Rashtriya Manch has organised Iftar party in Mumbai  on Monday  June 04 , 2018 at the state government’s Sahyadri Guest house  .

RSS Pracharak  Indresh Kumar is the leader and guide of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch .It is said that the Margdarshak of  Muslim Rashtriya Manch Mr. Indresh Kumar delivered a highly objectionable and inflammatory speech in Uttarakhand  recently therefore it is being asked that while guide and marg darshak of Muslim Rashtriya Manch is criticising Muslims , why his organisation is holding Iftar party in the name of communal harmony ?

Mr. Indresh Kumar yesterday while addressing a meeting in Dehradun alleged that Muslims from neighboring states settling in  the Uttarakhand are capturing livelihood meant for locals and this has triggered forced migration from the mountain states .

He clearly  tried to polarise the  regional issue into communal .He further said that there are also the incidents of Christians who are migrating to Uttarakhand from neighbouring states indulging into forced conversions in the hill state .

He alleged that due to influx of Christians and Muslims of neighboring states the local Hindu population

( which he described as Dev Bhumi Putras ) is forced to migrate outside and such forcible migration is  affecting the distinct cultural (meaning Hindu ) identity of Dev Bhumi ( The Land of Hindu Gods ) .When the journalists asked Mr. Indresh Kumar , how he can in a democratic country , stop outsiders  from taking up jobs in Uttarakhand  when local people also migrate to other states ,he got infuriated and said ,”Why you do not question those handful of Muslims who wave Pakistani flags and raise pro Pakistan slogans .He however clarified that his allegations are not against Muslim community but his allegation is against few people among the Muslim community .

While Mr.Indresh Kumar himself accepts that there are only handful of  Pro Pakistan people so why he is raking their  issue every now and then ?This can be asked to him , that his anti- Muslim hate speeches based on actions of few people is defaming entire community .But it seems that  Mr. Indresh Kumar may not be bothered about this as the Sangh Pariwar  is used to polarise every issue , like the local and out sider problem of  Uttarakhand .



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