You Oppose Padmavati, Why Not Oppose Taslima Nasrin ?

JAIPUR : There are many  leaders and organizations who are opposing  the release of film Padmavati and they are telling Muslims to support them.But there are such leaders and organizations  protesting against Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Padmavati  , who always  support  likes of  Taslima Nasrin citing the freedom of speech and expression .

They have been offended by a film which depicted the love story  which the opponents say that it is distortion of historical facts and it offends the  religious sentiments of a particular community .

There are many film personalities and media persons who are supporting the fim Padmavati .They say that  there is freedom of speech and expression in our country and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has every right to exhibit his films .

Muslim are being offended by likes of Taslima Nasrin time and again.Taslima Nasrin also  is guilty of distorting the facts about Muslims and Islam .She is hurting the religious  sentiments of Muslims .

But many ledaers , parties , organizations  are supporting Taslima Nasrin when it comes to the sentiments of Muslims .

They produce the same arguments of freedom of speech and expression which is being raised by the supporters of Bhansali .But now the so called some supporters of taslima Nasrin , mostly Hindutvadis are enraged .They are not allowing freedom of speech and expression to the work of Bhansali .

Mulms do support that  freedom of speech and expression is not absolute and it is not the license to hurt the religious sentiments of communities .Therefore  those who are enraged over film Padmavati  believing that the religious sentiments must not be allowed , must also oppose Taslima Nasrin and her tribe of mischief mongers .They must support the demand to deport Taslima Nasrin who is being sheltered in our country at  the expenses of public money .



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