MUMBAI: Supreme Court Of India gave a split decision on Triple Talaq. The Central Government took a stand in court, as it is very concerned to stop all kinds of discrimination and injustices done to Muslim women. It has pledged even to make a law in the Parliament to end these injustices.

However, as many Muslim leaders alleged, the BJP government’s concern for Muslim women shown in Supreme Court is nothing but crocodile tears shed just to score a point in the ongoing vote bank politics.

Muslim reservation is being staunchly opposed by BJP and all its governments. In Maharashtra, the out-going Government in 2014 granted 16% reservation to Marathas and 5 % reservation to Muslims. But after BJP came to power, it ratified and issued a GR for 16 % Maratha reservation while it did not issue any GR for 5% Muslim reservation.

Although Bombay High Court had already rejected the GR for 16% Maratha & 5% Muslim reservation in employment, but retrained 5% reservation for Muslims in education as Muslims are educationally very backward.

The BJP, after assuming power in the state, did not issue the required GR in case of Muslim reservation while they issued a GR in Maratha reservation & this 5% Muslim reservation was revoked on technical ground. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, for the past 3 years is saying that matter of Muslim reservation is subjudiced.

Does that not mean the BJP is playing vote bank politics through Judiciary?

In case of Triple Talaq, BJP is ready to make a law in the Parliament for what many call as giving empowerment to Muslim women and abolish the practice of Triple Talaq. However, is Triple Talaq the only issue of Muslim women empowerment?

Much more can be done for Muslim women, if they are granted reservation in jobs and education. But the government is not ready to accept the demand of Muslim reservation.

Thus, let Muslim women raise the demand of reservation for ‘Muslim Women in Jobs and Education.

There are 14.5% Muslims in India which makes up to more than twenty crore of India’s population. Will the Central Government make a Law in Parliament granting 7% reservation for Muslim women?



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