MUMBAI: After the US intelligence warning of a possible outbreak of communal violence in India before LokSabha elections , it is said that not Triple Talaq Bill but  the country needed Anti- Communal Violence Bill most , so as  to enact stringent law on the line of anti-Terrorism laws to curb communal violence .But Modi Government pursued Triple Talaq Bill instead .

The anti-communal violence bill was introduced in 2005 .But no political party or government pursued it seriously .This bill is lying as good as dead in Parliament .This Bill seeks to impose duties on Central as well as state governments to exercise their powers during communal riots .

It is unfortunate and very disgusting that even after more than 15000 communal riots which triggered after Independence , neither state governments nor central government are legally  liable for any responsibility to dispense justice to victims and their rehabilitation .Therefore , communal riots have been made as the tools of politics .

Past experiences of more than 15000 riots impress upon the need to impose duty and fix responsibilities of the governments and administrations towards prevention and control of communal violence.

There is also need of unbiased , independent investigations , speedy trials , protection of evidence , witnesses and complainants in communal riots cases so that justice can be done to victims .

There is also need to impose further duties and responsibilities of governments and administration in relief and rehabilitation process of riot victims.

No government has paid attention to these aspects of providing legal protection against communal violence to the society. But Modi government expressed unnecessary enthusiasm toward Muslim divorced victims of triple Talaq .They pesued Triple Talaq Bill as if it is the most burning issue facing the country .But the fact is that through this bill also , BJP tried to impress upon communal electorate that it is not indulging into what it alleges as “Minority- Appeasement “.

In fact , such approach of ruling party is also a manifestation of  communal politics to appease communal sections of majority community , so it can be described as “ Appeasement- of -Hindutvadis “.



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