There are hardly any bad memories we can recollect when it comes to school. But there’s one that we somehow wished could just vanish and never come back- Mathematics. Whilst for some maths was a mere cakewalk, some struggled unimaginably to get through the exams.

Well, for the latter, we have some news that’ll make your school life a hell lot easier and happier.

On Monday, The Bombay High Court gave an advice to all the education boards to make Mathematics an optional subject in class 10th.


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The court has come up with this decision after noticing the high number of students who didn’t appear for the exams and even ended giving up on education completely just because they were not able to pass their Mathematics exam.

A division bench comprising of Justice AK Menon and Justice VM Kanade stated,

“You will open doors to a large number of students who are unable to cope up with mathematics and eventually dropped out.”

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Research says that out of all the students who’ve left school mid-way, 90% quit because of failure in Mathematics and English. Supporting which the court gave an example of how SSC students in 1975 used to give examinations for 8 subjects including General maths. So that even if a student failed in Maths, was considered to be passed.

Mathematics not a Compulsion Court
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The court believes that making this option available at the moment would prove to be very helpful for students planning to pursue further studies in the field of Arts or other where Mathematics isn’t needed at all.

Calls for a celebration, doesn’t it?




  1. Greetings! I find this decision as very crucial one as this will constructively destroy the scare factor for about 60% of the students appearing SSC or matriculation examination. This will also help the students ease their tension or burden caused by my Mathematics and rather help to channelise all the potential to prepare for the rest of the subjects. The success rate will definitely rise as well. We must understand and accept the theory of multiple intelligence. Everyone may not be a mathematical genius.

  2. If this happens it will really effect there future. When any thing is optional it is been given less importance
    . Maths is bone of all subjects. If it goes i can not imagine what future generation we are going to see

    • Yes, I agree that it will affect their future. Meantime, checkout the difference between effect and affect, as well as there and their. Bone of a subject ? Forget their future, take care of yours.

      • There and their At least conveys something. But without maths we will have many zeros masquerading as people of substance

    • I Passed higher secondary in 1966. I had to opt for biology and quit mathematics after standard 8 because I wanted to study in medical college. With 8th standard math my career as a peditrician was good enough. I never needed trigonometry/ geometry and all mathematical formulas, standard 8 maths was sufficient to manage my home budget n bank account.

    • Very true
      I totally agree with Shalini Philip. I feel maths is the base of life. Its not that tough that students fail but they don’t want to try.we also studied hard to get marks.let them try. It should be compulsory.

  3. It would be more blessed if they have given option for social studies for which 99% of students suffer and wish for.

  4. I passed out of school 7 years ago and was in ninth grade 9 years back and I left math despite being in science. Till 12th I studied science even after leaving math. And I’m a dentist today.

  5. Really a nice decision especially when the child is having dyscalculia… The boards should give more optional subjects so that children can chose their interested subjects and there should be option for oral exams for children with dysgraphia

  6. Should be taught the more commerical aspect of Mathematics, which is used day to day, rather than high level maths like calculus,which not many take later on anyway.
    Subjects like Income tax Calculations, Banking is enough to set them going throughout life.

  7. न्यायाधीश न इस बारे में विशेषज्ञ हैं न ही उन्हें इस तरह की सलाह देनी चाहिये। यह काम शिक्षाविदों का है। मेरे विचार से बिलकुल गलत सलाह है। गणित की पढ़ाई आवश्यक है।

  8. I can see lot of parents are happy with this decision.
    Today it’s maths
    Tomorrow it will be something else.
    How long we will try to make their life easy.
    Its their time to study.and they should.

  9. We have inherited Maths from our ancestors as it was so strong and profound
    It is disheartning eliminating Maths which is in our genes.

    • It’s really good for students with math fear. The number game is not for all I believe. Each one of us have unique strengths and weaknesses. So the sky is open for all even those who don’t have wings. (math)

  10. It’s a good move and hope other states will follow. Children should be given an option to study whichever subject they are interested and other subjects should be made optional.

  11. Its a very good decision.ICSCE already have it with many optional subjects and see their high percentage in board exams

  12. I believe the court`s judgement is sound and sensible. Those interested in maths can select maths as their main subject, it`s a great subject and nobody is stopping them from going for it. One can still become an educated, respectable and useful citizen without taking up maths in elementary and higher studies in life.Tia

  13. I think it is helpful to those children who are weak in maths but after 10th or 12th if any student want to go in a such branch like engineering where maths is compulsory, then that time it will become hard even impossible for those students who left maths

  14. @Shalini.

    Wrong. Humans are born with the general ability to add and subtract where as, we’re not “algerbra”ing our way out of anything. Basic common sense is calculated on how well we survive through the odds and not by how we calculate the speed of a rock i throw while i am flying into a tunnel under zero pressure or gravity. Given that, everyone would have equal opportunity to pursue what they like without sacrificing their whole career for just one subject. I am a Bsc Statistician and I can vouch on how much Maths can hurt you. This move would benefit many and yet, the studious and the brainy can still hug their Maths if wanted. 🙂

    *somehow its not letting me do an individual response.

  15. @Nazneen, wonderful way of putting it. Absolutely the way mathematics can help us. Though rocket scientists may feel otherwise, all we need is to live well & wise, right here & right now.

  16. @Mangal,

    Maths will stay alive through our daily transactions of anything and everything. Its the in-depth mathematics that’s being made optional and not chucked out. Hey, let one choose to live his/her life and be happy/sad with their decision. EOD, no one’s gonna care if we did score 100% in Maths or Geography. Only common sense matters.

  17. @Sydney,

    Nothing is made easy my friend. Its not laziness but, it sure sounds a way towards an equipotent society. Ones good in Maths are just not the brainy ones in this world. There are others who are good at many but, never given a chance to prove. Elders are to give way to the non-rebellious young ones to shine better in things they can. Pushing them to do something they mentally can’t would or might break them down altogether.

    Let us wait for 10 more years to see how this works out for, life is always a “wait & see” game.

  18. They can solve the problem in other way. They may creat the subject more interesting by change its syllabus. After all it is a subject with lots of fun

  19. That’s a worst and coward decision. Aisa toh many people find science difficult, someone finds any other subject difficult.. That’s not the solution to skip maths.. Board has given an option of General mathematics too.. So if there’s such a weak pupil who can’t even study this basic maths then it’s good for him/her to quit education.. Life me Aage bhi kahi naa kahi utna basic mathematics toh important hai.. It’s making education easier now and life tougher for future..

  20. Very wise decision to make mathematics a optional subject for class 10 as majority of the rural students fail in mathematics

  21. It is easy to skip maths, but you only will be the loser. It is the base for science and today, you cannot pursue any career without the support of science, sad about the decision.

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