Nariyalwadi Qabrastan

Nariyalwadi Qabrastan Turned into Drug Den

MUMBAI: The Nariyalwadi Qabrastan in Mazgaon, Mumbai has allegedly been turned into drug den where a large number of drug addicts and drug dealers are abusing the sanctity of this holy place. News of such a grave situation of one of the oldest Sunni Muslim graveyard of south Mumbai  has sent a wave of anger and condemnation among the city Muslims.

Nariyalwadi Qabrastan

Several meetings were organized recently in different areas of South Mumbai by various Ulemas and religious organizations in which the terrible situation prevailing in Nariyalwadi Qabrastan, Mazgaon was discussed. Urdu Newspapers are publishing reports about the alleged illegal activities and complaints of corruption as well as mismanagement in the said Graveyard .

According to sources, this Graveyard which came into existence in 1934 has been the centre of controversy from a long time. A private managing trust is responsible for the management of the Qabrastan which can hold around 4000 graves of Sunni Muslim community.

Nariyalwadi Qabrastan

A social worker from Madanpura, Mumbai has lodged many complaints against the Mr. Salim Yusuf Khan and other trustees of this Graveyard alleging gross mismanagement and corruption.

Maulana Mohammed Saeed Noorie, General Secretary of All India Raza Academy called a meeting recently, to discuss the problems and complaints about Nariyalwadi Qabrastan.

”It is very unfortunate that a holy place like a Qaabrastan has been turned into the den of drug addicts, drug dealers and criminal elements” said Maulana Saeed Noorie.

Nariyalwadi Qabrastan

He called upon the need to spearhead a movement to free the Qabrastan from the clutches of criminal elements. Other Ulemas present in the meeting complained that the present trust of the Qabrastan is faction ridden and power struggle between 2 section to keep hold over the trust has ruined the management of Qabrastan.

Maulana Abdul Jabbar Azmi President of Sunni Imam Council in another meeting warned that Muslims cannot remain silent spectators to the disrespect and abuse of Qabrastan. He alleged that illegal construction has been going on in the Qabrastan on a very large scale and dozens of graves had been razed to construction illegal Mausoleum.

Maulana Khalilur Rehman alleged that drug addicts openly use drugs like charas, ganja etc in the Qabrastan. They have converted the Qabrastan into drug den. If we complain to the trustees they say they have already lodged complaints to the police. But they are not removing the drug addicts from Qabrastan.


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