Nana Patekar Condemns Violence, Action Against Hawkers

MUMBAI : Senior film actor Nana Patekar has opposed ,protested and condemned   the crackdown and violence against hawkers in Mumbai . He said there is no fault of poor hawkers and everyone has right to work to feed himself.

The actor strongly supported the hawkers who are uprooted by BMC and railway authorities. He expressed himself in the Techno vision festival at VJTI .He raised the hawkers issue in his speech .Many persons expressed surpriseover the actor’s support for hawkers .MPCC President Sanjay Nirupam thanked Nana Patekar for his opposition to anti hawker action of BMC .

Nana Patekar said ,”Yesterday someone asked me that is it right to evict hawkers and beat them on roads ? I have to say that everybody has right to live .There must not be encroachment and I support this .But I also do have a simple argument , If I am working today to earn  2 breads for me ,and if you deprive me of that job then, what I will do ?

If you may be eating, I will snatch away from your hand .That is why, let me do the work .”

He making such an example pleaded,”Let the hawkers do their work.There is no mistake of these hawkers .These are our and your mistakes .Why BMC did not marked hawkers zone for so long ? Did you ask BMC this ?” he said to those who are carrying out violent movement against hawkers .



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