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Mahatma Gandhi  was a staunch supporter of Cow protection. He advocated prohibition on Cow slaughter. However he believed that Cow Question must be solved economically and not communally.

Mahatma Gandhi's affection towards Cow
Mahatma Gandhi’s affection towards Cow

He even submitted many suggestions to the Government and to the Indian society so that Cow Questions can be resolved economically and amicably.

Although some Cow protectionists, including some ruling party politicians, have been invoking Mahatma Gandhi’s name in Cow controversies, they are not paying any attention to the suggestions forwarded by him for solving such sensitive issue.

Prime Minister Modi seeking blessings from Mahatma Gandhis statue
Prime Minister Modi seeking blessings from Mahatma Gandhi’s statue

Mahatma Gandhi said that by economic means, cow slaughter should be made impossible, and if economic side is properly handled, cow slaughter will come to an end.

Mahatma Gandhi also suggested that the government must open animal markets in all districts, in which it must purchase all animals offered for sale by out bidding all other buyers. No such efforts have been made by any government for the last 70 years.

The BJP Governments in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and other states, went on to implement  its beef ban policies ruthlessly, resulting in closer of a large number of slaughter houses and beef shops.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at one of the Gau Shala
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at one of the Gau Shala

Such fanatic and strong arm efforts of solving cow questions rendered thousands of people unemployed. This may not be construed as economically solving the Cow Question, as suggested  by  Mahatama Gandhi.

Such acts and imposition of fractured beef policies by BJP State Governments have done great damage to the business, trade and economy while creating further unemployment.

This is mishandling of the Cow Question by those rulers who are quoting Mahatma Gandhi in their speeches.

All governments in, post -Independence India ignored Gandhi’s suggestion of government purchasing all animals offered for sale in ‘Bazars’  at competitive price.

Farmer's Returning home in Assam
Farmer’s Returning home in Assam

If there are reasons to believe  that this suggestion, made by Father of the Nation, is not financially and practicably viable for the governments, then, the states must come out with some better and practicably viable alternate to solve the ‘Cow Question’.

But the nation has ignored  Gandhi on this account.

There must be debate on economic solutions of ‘Cow Question’ as suggested by Mahatama Gandhi.

Till then, all Gaw Raksha Samitis must be banned and so called Gaw Rakshaks be put behind bars if they took law in their own hands in the name of Cow protection.



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