MUMBAI : Those who hate Mughals take pride to call Biryani as most popular Indian food .If such hate mongers are in India , they indulge in Mughal bashing for their petty electoral benefits .

But all of their such hate campaigns against Mughals and their contributions to India including Biryani and Taj Mahal is sheer hypocrisy .When in public , they may even target Beef Biryani to justify Beef ban or such foolish political acts , in fact many of such hate mongers relish Biryani most in private .

Even if they are strict adherents of their faith , they are fond of  eating Vegetarian Biryani .But , everybody knows , Biryani is Biryani .

Those hate mongers who grab every opportunity to polarize country and countrymen, when ever go abroad, they boast with pride that Biryani is an Indian dish .

Bsically , Biryani is a Mughal dish which was introduced as the food for Mughal Army.It was born in Mughal Army kitchen and further developed in Royal Mughal patronage .So , Biryani made India as its home for last many centuries .Biryani , now is a part of India’s day to day life and culture .

While so many Indians settled abroad and calling themselves as NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) , Biryani did not migrate from India .So , after centuries old stay in this country , who can  call Biryani as “Non- Indian Dish ”?

It is very unfortunate that India was partitioned in 1947 .The United India  now remains divided in 3 different countries i.e India , Bangladesh and Pakistan .But Biryani is popular in all these three countries as it was in the past .

So only Biryani has united these divided country  with the bond of taste and culinary tradition .So , why Biryani cannot claim to be more Indian than so many so called Desh Bhakts who are bent on further dividing India ?




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