Why Muslims Are Objecting To New Haj Policy 2018 ?

MUMBAI : The minority affairs minister Mr.Mukhtar Abbas naqvi announced new Haj policy  2018 , but many Muslim leaders and Ulema are objecting  to this policy .The new policy triggered debate in Urdu newspapers and Muslim  religious , social political circles .The following are few basic point swhich enraged Muslim sentiments and demands are being made to scrap it .

(1) The  new  Haj Police allowed women above the age of 45 years  , to  apply to  go for Haj alone in a group   of  4 or more and the compulsory  requirement of accompanying Mehram has been revoked .

The Haj is an obligatory religious duty on Muslims  .The Islamic laws of Shariat stipulates that a Muslim Women must be accompanied by by Mehram in Haj .

It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to travel for Haj without Mehram , because the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH )  said , “ No woman should travel without a Mehram ,”

(2) The  SC directed  that Haj subsidy  must be gradually withdrawn by 2022 .This order is being implemented but the Haj policy 2018 is  in much hurry as it declared  stopping Haj Subsidy in 2108 .

(3) The Haj plan 2018  decided to decrease the  number of  Air Embarkation point from 21 to 09 .The Haj travel by sea route has not taken concrete shape .

(4) The quota of private Haj tour operators has been increased in spite of the fact that HCI has more than 3 lakh application in waiting list for the last many years.

(5) Some deserving reserve categories in Qura like, for applicants of more than 70 years age, have been scrapped which is gross injustice to the Haj aspirants who are also senior citizens .Many government of India schemes and facilities give preference to senior citizens, above the age of 60 years .The new Haj policy of scrapping reservation of Qura  for applicants  of 70 plus  years of age has violated the rules of Government of India .




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