MUMBAI : Various studies have  proved  that Indian Muslims are socially and educationally backward class , therefore ,they need all protections granted by the constitution and statute  to  promote their growth and development as a socially and economically backward class .

Muslim reservation is being demanded not on the basis of religion but on the basis of studies ,surveys and  inquiries by various commissions which concluded that  Indian Muslims are also  part of socially and economically backward class , therefore they need reservation in education and  services .

But the communal, anti-Muslim forces are carrying out a false propaganda that Muslim reservation is being demanded on religious ground .Such forces desire to create hatred in the society and polarization on communal ground.

Mandal Commission established by Janata Party government on January1, 1979 opined that OBCs on the basis of castes, economic and social indicators comprised 52 % of the Indian population. Therefore Committee members recommended 27 % reservation for members of OBCs in education and government jobs.

Article 15 of the Indian constitution prohibits discrimination of citizens on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, therefore a commission is appointed every ten years in India to investigate the conditions of backward classes for the purpose of Article 15 of constitution.

There has not been any such study for assessing social – economic and educational conditions of Minorities of India .Dr. Gopal Singh Minority Panel was the first committee to be formed in 1981 for such purpose .To implement the recommendations of  Dr. Gopal Singh Minority Panel a scheme of Minorities welfare was adopted under the name “PM’s 15 Point Program For Minorities Welfare ,” but such welfare schemes  also could not get  desired results as far as Indian Muslims are concerned .This was proved in many subsequent studies , Census reports and National economic survey reports .

The National Commission for religious and Linguistic Minorities headed by former CJI Justice Rang Nath Mishra recommended 10 % reservation for Muslims and 5 % for other Minorities in 2009 .Justice Sachar Committee report, Dr. Mehmoodur Rehman Committee report supplemented the recommendations of Justice Rangath Mishra Commission report for 10 % Muslim reservation as majority of Indian Muslims are considered as part of socially and economically backward classes. This reservation , therefore , is not being sought on the basis of religion .Some vested interests are misguiding common people for carrying ahead their communal agenda .



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