Why Muslims Are More In Jails Than In Govt Services?

MUMBAI:   Muslims constitute 13.4 % of the Indian population but the Jail population of Muslims  has  exceeded their population ratio and there are more Muslims in jails than in government services . Muslims have faced biased attitude of the law enforcing agencies and criminal justice system. They also faced discrimination in  the  development .Therefore , the economic , social and educational conditions of the Muslim community could not be improved .The same reason is the basis that their proportion in government and private jobs is very low as compared to their proportion in population .

Muslims  hardly find  good jobs in government services .The proportion of Muslims in IAS , IPS  and other  administrative  as well as civil services is hardly 3 % , while their population is 13.4% .Similarly in state police , railways , banks , local self government organizations Muslim share of employment is   hardly 3 to 4 %.This shows that the main source of bread and butter for majority of Muslim population is self employment or skilled  , semi skilled jobs in private sector .

They are not getting any help from the government and private sector as far as economic considerations , employment , and economic benefits are concern .So the community is addressing major economic problems of the community itself .It does not have the support of reservation .Any effort to give reservation to Muslim  community considering their  socio – economic and educational backwardness is contested as communal and such efforts are curtailed in the name of secularism .Justice  is denied to the Muslims  taking shelter behind the constitutional provisions .

In such circumstances, a large number of Muslims are forced to live under hard economic conditions .Unemployment and under employment among Muslims is high . Many Muslims resort to crime and there is a comparatively high percentage of Muslims into crimes .But even then, the Muslim population in jails is proportionally much higher in jails as the attitude of criminal justice system in India  has been hostile against Muslims for the past  many decades .



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