Muslim Father Forgives Killer Of Son ,Hailed As Hero All Over The World

CHICAGO : A Muslim father who forgave his son’s killer by embracing the man who was sentenced to prison for his crime is being hailed as a great hero all over the world .But the father of Muslim Pizza delivery driver who was killed by the accused person , said that he did it ( forging the killer of his son ) in the spirit of Islam.


The videos of intense emotional moments of the court when even the Judge could not stop her tears are viral in the social media .

Abdul Munim Sombat , the father of the slain boy said to the sentenced  killer of his son  ,”Islam teaches that God will not be able to forgive someone until the person who was  wronged forgave that person.The door of opportunity  for God to forgive him is open .So , reach out to him .You have a good chapter of life coming .”


The son of  Abdul Munim was a pizza delivery boy .In April 2105 , Salahuddin was making his last delivery of pizza during the night when he was stabbed to death and robbed .Three persons were arrested for the crime but the grand jury chose only one to indict .

Officials alleged that Relford  planned robbery but he denied killing .He was sentenced for 31 years of imprisonment .But Abdul Munim said that he forgave Relford on behalf of mother of his killed son also , who died two years before his son Salahuddins murder .

“Whatever happened to you is from Allah.Let the believer put trust in Him.”he said .The incident evoked very strong emotional response right from the court to all over the world .The killer Rleford and his mother apologized profusely to the victim family members who gathered at the court and saw the moment of forgiveness .

Abdul Munim said to Refold,”I am not angry at you .I don’t blame you .I am angry at the devil who misguided you .I forgive you .I read the Holy Quran very often for peace .The 51st verse in chapter no.9 of the Quran says, Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us ;He is our protector ;And upon Allah let the believers rely . This verse has comforted me most.”



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