Why Muslim Countries Silent On Rohingya Muslims Plight :Turk FM

FM of Turkey expressed his grief over the criminal silence Muslim nations observed on the plight of Rohingya Muslims.

ISTANBUL: The tragic and criminal silence of most of the Muslim Countries came under the sharp criticism from Turkey ,as  the Foreign Minister decried the Muslim countries and asked them why they have shut their mouth on the plight of Rohingya  Muslims .

Turkey FM  Mevlut  Cavusoglu in an Eid al Adha  event  expressing his  anger against Muslim countries said ,”There are great many countries .Where are they ?Why they are silent over the suffering and oppression of Rohingya Muslims ?”

It is said that while majority of Muslim countries have observed criminal silence, only Turkey has been most vocal and providing humanitarian aid to the Rohingya Muslims.

Turkey FM Mevlut  Cavusoglu further  said that Turkey has till date delivered more than $ 70 million in aid to Rohingya  Muslims  and no other country in the world is showing such concern for these people .

The Turkey FM further stressed that  it is not enough to just provide financial and humanitarian aid to Rohingya Muslims.”In two weeks , we need to hold  a meeting with in New York  with UN General Secretary , leaders of Muslim nations ,international organizations , head of the UN  advisory commission on Rakhane state , Kofi Annan and other leaders to discuss the issue and seek a practical as well as acceptable  solution .

These comments are welcomed by Muslims all over the world who are very angry over the mysterious and criminal silence of Muslim countries, while common Muslims in all Muslim nations are protesting over the killings, death and mass murders of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar forces.

It is said that Turkey’s  Humanitarian Relief Foundation (HRF) organized donation campaign to send   relief  to Rohingya Muslims .The HRF volunteers are collecting funds and donations from all over the country .The groups said that they distributed food on emergency basis among 1000 Rohingya Muslims who fled from their villages after Myanmar Army attacked them .Further aid was distributed on Eid al Adha .The Humanitarian Relief Foundation  is Turkey’s leading organization .



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  1. Salute to Turkey on standing firmly with the oppressed Muslim of Myanmar. Muslim countries must learn lessons from this great country despite being a silent spectator as genocide on Muslims is not a Hollywood movie but a reality. Rise Turkey rise.

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