Mumbai’s Chief Qazi fareed Khan Arrested In Hyderabad Temporary Marriage Racket;

HYDERABAD : Mumbai’s Chief Qazi Fareed Ahmed Khan is one of the 20  accused persons who have  been arrested by Hyderabad police for running fake  temporary marriages and child marriages racket in the old city .

The police raided various areas in old city and  arrested  5 Omani and 3 Qatar national , who are said to be above age of 60 or 70 years ,  along with 5 brokers , 4 lodge owners , 4 Qazis , and some lodge owners .

They were produced in the court and got remand of all accused persons.

The city police commissioner said that the police had information about an organized racket being run from old city .He said that this was a part of an international human trafficking racket of child prostitution under the garb of so called temporary Nikah .

The city police alleged that after entering into fake marriage with old and elderly  Arabs , the minor girls from poor families of Hyderabad and other areas were smuggled to Gulf countries .

The racket was expose on August 17 , 2017 when a complaint was lodged at Falaknuma Police Station.A minor 15 year old girl was married to a 61 year old Omani national Al Ahmed Abdullah Rababi .


The police alleged that this illegal and fake temporary marriage was arranged by local brokers Ahmed ,Sikander Khan ,Ghausia Begum , Mohammed Asif , Mohammed habeeb Khan along with a local Qazi .

The police said that Mumbai’s Chief Qazi Fareed Ahmed Khan , who has his office at Bhindi Bazar , and his associate Qazi Munawwar Ali  reportedly prepared fake   documents  of temporary marriage .They also prepared the travelling documents of the minor Muslim girl .The girl afterward travelled to Oman .The complaint said that the girl found the Arab  national very old , so she complained to her parents about this .She told her parents that she wants to return to Hyderabad .

Her parents lodged a police complaint at Falaknuma Police station.The police officers while investigating this case, came across a large racket of temporary and child Marriages going on in the old city .

The police officers said that many old Arab nationals visit the city .There are 35 brokers who attend these Arabs at Airport and offer minor girls in temporary marriages in return of heavy fees .

They are put into various lodges and minor girls from  poor families are offered to them .Some lodge owners and  Qazis are also the part of this racket , the police alleged .



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