MUMBAI: Why Home Buyers Are Purchasing Flats In Illegal Buildings ?

MUMBAI: A large number of home buyers in search of cheaper flats in Mumbai end up buying flats in illegal buildings. Although MCGM every year releases list of illegal buildings alerting home buyers to desist from buying flats in any illegal building, but it is surprising why BMC has failed to stop illegal construction and demolish illegal buildings?

A common buyer  remains under impression that  even if a building is illegal , there will be no action if it is occupied .Such belief among home buyer has encouraged illegal construction in the city .

( It is important to note that Mumbai has been turned into a city of slums .More than 60% of population is living in slums .But middle class citizens are preferring  flats in illegal building than slums .)

But is it wise to invest in illegal buildings just because flats in such buildings are cheaper than market rates ? It is said that all illegal buildings are constructed in haste .The precautions and standard procedure to ensure safety and security of the building takes back seat. Stability of such illegal buildings cannot be guaranteed .Many of  the builders who indulge in illegal construction , multiply  illegal  floors in already dilapidated buildings .

They get repair permission from BMC but actually they reconstruct  old buildings .They flout many norms of BMC .According to sources , such builders are supported by corrupt BMC , Police officials as well as politicians .

They turn blind eye from such illegal construction .It is said that most of the illegal construction work is done during the week ends or during holidays .The builder do construction very fast , therefore they ignore many safety norms .

The buildings constructed by such builders are also very risky for residents to live in  .But as there is no proper housing policy , government after government failed to enforce affordable housing schemes , therefore , home buyers who  look for cheaper homes , end up us the victim of  illegal builders .

Who is responsible for such situation ?

Who are the real culprits? Who are the real criminals for mass illegal construction in the city? Answer is not difficult .



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