Dawood Ibrahim

Mumbai getting Business Finances from Dawood Ibrahim ?

MUMBI: The controversy created by the Pakistani official Shaharyar Khan resulted in heated debate on all the TV channels. It has been hotly debated by the experts and journalists that Dawood Ibrahim has been hiding in Pakistan and ISI has been protecting him. But in Mumbai, some sections, related to building construction, satta betting, hawala transactions etc  reacted in different way to this debate.

mumbai skyline
Mumbai Skyline

One satta bookie from the suburbs said in his own way and in broken English, ”Dawood Ibrahim is where? His money is here!!” He elaborated that actual scenario in Mumbai’s black economy, whether it is Benami-finance for various building projects or huge hawala transactions or cricket or other betting is that, Dawood Ibrahim gang has a very large presence and are among the biggest share holder in all ‘Do Number Ka Business‘ in the city”. So he being in Karachi or Dubai or Jeddah is immaterial, as far as he is controlling all the dubious businesses linked with the black economy in the city” he said.


He also said that Dawood Ibrahim’s finance is flowing in many high-rise buildings and construction projects. Many city builders are working as a front for  him. The police and authorities cannot stop Dawood’s money flowing in as finances and flowing out from the country in the form of profits, so what purpose such TV debates can serve? He asked.

A police officer who served in the crime branch confirmed the allegation that some builders in the city got finance from Dawood Ibrahim. “We received the information that some builders in the city are working as front man of D-Company and they receive finances from Dawood Ibrahim.

But there are reports about builders who work for Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel, Ravi Pujari, Arun Gawli and other such gangsters as front as well. Yet it is very difficult to get a solid proof against them so that they can be prosecuted”.

A senior crime journalist said that many former gangsters and their relatives have entered into construction and land development business. The list goes long, whether they are relatives of Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Arun Gawli, Amar Naik or any other alive or killed gangsters who are running building construction companies. As far as the police is concerned, it is very difficult to prove that their activity is related to underworld or crime.

dawood ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim

He also added,”It can be said that in many big projects of Slum Redevelopments (SRA) and old building redevelopments, silent role of threats, intimidation, coercion to get consent of the landlords or tenants cannot be denied.

Therefore, according to him, the Under-world including D-Company may have active presence in the building construction business in the city. May be these Under-world Dons are not extorting from the builders in 1980’s and 1990’s style, but they must have become financiers as well as protectors to work at huge profit margins with some city builders.

The question still remains unanswered, if Dawood Ibrahim is living in Karachi under ISI siege, how he is able to run the D-company show in Mumbai with such ease ?



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