Mukesh Ambani’s House On Waqf Land: Said Waqf Board CEO

MUMBAI: The acting CEO of Maharashtra state Waqf Board Mr.Sandesh C Tadvi filed an affidavit in the High Court in which it has been claimed that the plot on which Industrialist Mukesh Ambani built his house in Malbar Hill area in Mumbai is a waqf  land which belonged to a Khoja Muslim community orphanage .

Bombay High Court is hearing a petition filed by aAbdul mateen of Jalna .HC has directed the state Waqf board in July 2007 to file its affidavit in the case .

The affidavit filed by the acting CEO Tadvi has said that the plot belonged to the Karim Bhai Ibrahim Khoja Orphanage Trust .The purpose of the trust included running of an orphanage and providing education to the poor and orphan children of community .

It is said that the trust was included in the list of Waqf organizations published on November 13 , 2003 .This was the list which enlisted all the Waqf properties in the city .

According to reports the trust decided to sell its Orphanage to Reliance industries on April 04 , 2002 .It is reported that  the Charity Commissioner’s office which was the  authority of Waqf properties and trusts then , issued permission to sell this Waqf property to Reliance Industries without any application of mind or law on August 27 , 2oo2 .After such permission also , the property was enlisted as a Waqf property in the survey of Awqaf in the city .

It is said that the acting CEO of Maharashtra State Waqf Board in his affidavit has provided documents to prove that the said Ambani House was constructed on a waqf property for which rules were flouted and violated by the parties involved in the matter.

It  is said that an ex- Chairman of the Board and an ex CEO tried to regularize the  sale of waqf  plot by imposing a fees of Rs. 24 lakhs but this was objected by the ATK Shaikh committee which conducted inquiry into many irregular Waqf property deals .

ATK Shaikh committee also inquired into the sale of Khoja community orphanage and enumerated irregularities found, in its report.

The report was presented in the house by the state government with action taken report.Now the affidavit filed by the acting CEO is a new turn in this case .




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