Mughal Emperor Babar Introduced Cow Slaughter Ban In India :NAWAB MALIK

MUMBAI: Senior NCP leader and spokesman Shri Nawab Malik said that Mughal Emperor Babur for the first time banned cow slaughter in India , and the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar introduced capital punishment for those involved in cow slaughter .He said that British rulers revoked the cow slaughter ban introduced by Mughal Kings in India .

NCP leader Shri Nawab Malik made these remarks while participating in a TV debate on IBM LOKMAT, along with RSS leader and BJP spokesman Shri Madhav Bhandari , MNS leader  Shri  Sandeep Deshpande and others .

NCP leader Shri Nawab malik severly criticized the political misuse of cow protection movement.”Kerala and Tamil Nadu never had any Muslim ruler .These states were ruled by Hindu Kings .But cow slaughter in Kerala, Tamil Nadu was allowed by their Hindu rulers,” Nawab Malik said.

The NCP leader Nawab Malik severely criticized different beef policy adopted by BJP in different states.

” The BJP is ruling in North East but it has not banned beef there .They are ruling in Assam, Goa, Manipur , but they did not banned beef and cow slaughter in those states .BJP leader in Kerala made poll promise that BJP if came to power in Kerala , they will provide beef at subsidized rates, “ said  Nawab Malik during the debate .

NCP leader Nawab Malik told BJP leader Madhav Bhandari that RSS Sarsangh Chalak Guru Golwalkar , in his book Bunch of Thought , chapter no.2  instructed his workers that if you  visit North East , then you may have to eat cow meat or beef .Guru Golwalkar permitted RSS workers to eat beef  and cow meat in North East , but BJP  and Sangh Pariwar is doing politics over Cow protection , he alleged .

Participating in the discussion over how to define Hindutva , Maharashtra NCP leader and ex minister  Nawab Malik further said , “After the agitation of Acharya Vinoba Bhave , different states in India promulgated different laws banning cow slaughter .But now , instead of Gaw hatya , the subject of Gaw Vansh hatya is raised .Recently farmers of Sikhar Rajasthan protested .They demanded that  Swaminathan commission report must be implemented and the farmers must be allowed to sell calves .”

NCP leader Nawab Malik also  alleged that  Jan Sangh ,RSS , BJP and Sangh Pariwar began cow politics in Hindi belt and they were benefited by such politics of polarization .




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