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Madhya Pradesh: How ISI Penetrated Into Hindutvadi Cadres ?

INDORE: It is indeed shocking and astonishing that ISI, the Pakistani Intelligence agency has succeeded to penetrate into Hindutvadi cadres. The notorious agency cultivated operators among Gau-rakhshaks, BJP and VHP workers who were arrested on the charges of spying for Pakistan. Balram Singh Yadav is said to be the master mind of Pakistan’s Bhagwa Spy Ring. The report said that he was recruited in Dubai.

The Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) busted the espionage ring which was operating through multiple locations in the state. Fortunately not a single member among the 11 people arrested was a Muslim; otherwise the entire community would have been put on a media trial, opined local Muslims. This ring was being operated in multiple cities like Satna, Bhopal, Jabalpur, and Gwalior.

Off-late a lot of innocent Muslim’s have been acquitted by different courts in the country who were falsely charged of working with banned outfits like SIMI and hatching a conspiracy against the country. But many of these men have already spent years in prison with a charge of being a terrorist which has eventually hampered their life to the core. Many such Muslims from Madhya Pradesh have been through this torture of false allegations before where before any verdict from the court, media trial already brands them as terrorist and conspirators.

With a background like this, the arrests of 11 Hindu men connected to pro-Hindutvadi organizations working for Pakistan’s intelligence agency have once again opened a debate about of false implication of Muslim’s from Madhya Pradesh being anti-national and prove their innocence yet again.

Balram Singh Yadav, the mastermind of this group hails from a village Suhash near Satna which is the district headquarter town. Being a drop-out from a poor family and having huge ambitions of being rich at any cost no matter what, Balram had visited Dubai in search of work a few years back. There he got in touch with ISI who trained him with special skills to spy about Military operations in India. After his training in Dubai, he returned back to Satna after 8 months and started getting in touch with people, recruiting them for the job assigned to him, thus building up a full-fledged spying network in India. Through this network, he gathered vital military information and passed it on to his ISI handlers in Pakistan.

How Pakistan succeeded in setting up an espionage ring in MP which is ruled by BJP, has now become a topic of political debate.

On the other hand, the Congress party is alleging that one of the members of this spy-group, Dhruv Saxena, has been an active leader of the BJP Youth Wing in the state who also co-ordinated the local BJP IT Cell. Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan, the State BJP President however denied any such allegations as false and baseless. Regarding the pictures and Facebook posts of these men with senior BJP leaders, the State BJP President said nowadays anyone can click with senior leaders, does not necessarily make them their associates.

No matter how much the claims are denied, the fact that ISI Agents are operating among the so-called pro-hindutvadi Nationalists is a question to the media and other  fraternity who hails the activities of such organizations.



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