THANE : After  evicting hawkers MNS workers directed their anger against North Indian and non Maharashtrian fish sellers in Thane  today .The MNS workers said that Koli Samaj people and Marathi  persons must have right to sell fish and sea food  products .

In Thane also MNS carried out the movement against hawkers doing business in and around the railway station areas .MNS workers yesterday began their drive against the North Indian and non-Marathi  fish sellers .

The MNS workers did this job in their own style when the north Indian fish sellers were rounded up and they were beaten in public .The police was not anywhere as this rounding and beating of North Indian fish sellers was happening.

The local MNS leaders said that due to the non-Marathi fish and North Indian sellers local Koli Samaj  fish sellers are facing a lot of difficulties and hardship .These Kolis ,according to MNS are the traditional  fish sellers and trhey have first right over this business.

The MNS workers alleged that outsides have entered into the fish selling business and local Marathi and Koli fish sellers have been deprived of their business. Such complaints were made with the local MNS leaders therefore they began another drive against North Indian and non-Marathi fish sellers.

According to reports ,MNS workers in Thane went around the areas where North Indian fish sellers conduct their business .All these north Indian vendors were rounded up .The MNS workers thrashed them .

They were asked to leave these area .They were instructed not to carry out their business here again. This has sent anger and fear among the North Indian fish vendors who are considered as out siders .

The MNS workers removed all the North Indian fish vendors from Kolbad area .MNS has defended their action .The MNS leaders and workers are justifying such movement as  fight for the right  of local people .



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  1. Mr. Thakery forgets that the people who caused/led bombay blasts were the elite and not the hawkers…..these are poor people just used for vote bank politics and then dumped.
    MNS workers removed all the North Indian fish vendors from Kolbad area jab woh voting k time atah h tabhi sab chalte h kyuki u get free of vote.change your mentality n dont have a distinguiush between ur caste ,sex discrimination…cheap mentality specialy these political party sirf apne kaam seh matlab seh rakhte h badme janta baad mein

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