MNS Leader Attacked By Hawkers In Retaliation

MUMBAI: The hawkers in Malad attacked MNS workers who were allegedly forcibly removing hawkers from around Railway station, in what is called as the retaliation against MN’s violent movement against illegal hawkers.

The MNS vibhag chief of Malad (west) Mr. Sushant Maldev has been seriously injured in this attack .The police said that MNS leader Sushant Maldev along with his workers was evicting the hawkers from Malad railway station area as a part of his party’s movement.

He was attacked  by some enraged hawkers with iron rods .MNS leader Sushant received serious head injuries and he was admitted in the hospital .It is said that MNS leader raj Thackeray visited Malad and met his local area President Sushant Maldev in a private hospital , where he is being treated .

It is said this  attack is the result of political rivalry .It is reported that the attack was carried out at 3.30 pm while few hours before this attack , Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam addressed a public meeting which was also attended by a large number of hawkers.


Mr. Sandeep Deshpande , the ex Corporater and MNS leader alleged that Mr.Sanjay Nirupam incited hawkers against MNS and attack is the result of his fiery speech in the meeting .

MNS leader Sandeep Deshpande  also challenged  Mumbai Congress Chief Sanjay Nirupam that this attack will have serious repercussions all over the city .

Congress city Chief Mr.Sanjay Nirupam today met hawkers of Malad area .He I reported to have assured that his party will support hawkers .According to some reports , Sanjay Nirupam addressing the hawkers  reportedly said ,” The action against hawker is being going in  collaboration of BMC administration  , Fadnavis government and MNS.I also demand that if some MNS  worker or goonda targets the poor hawkers, then police must take strict action against them .If  police do not  provide them security then they will be forced to take law into their hands .”

He also reportedly warned that if hawkers will be forced to retaliate the MNS workers and law and order situation deteriorates, then only police will be responsible for such situation.

MNS leader Raj Thackeray had given 15 days ultimatum to officials to remove all hawkers from and around all suburban railway stations .After that MNS started evicting hawkers in their own style .




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