MUMBAI: The tension between Congress and MNS rose further as MNS  workers  attacked MRCC office at Azad Maidan while City Congress President Sanjay Nirupam  threatened of a befitting reply .Therefore it is feared that these political clashes with regional tones will escalate further .


The  clashes between MNS and Congress workers are going on for the last one month .Both the aprties are confronting each other on the issue of hawkers and this issue is being turned into locals and Marathi vs immigrants and outsiders by MNS .

Recently  the workers from both sides calshed in Malad andVikhroli .In both of those incidents , MNS workers were  injured in attacks .Today’s attack at the MRCC  office seemed to be a retaliatory action by MNS .The MNS leader  Sandeep  Deshpande claiming the responsibility of the attack called it a surgical strike .

Police detained MNS leader Deshpande along with 7 other workers. Congress President Sanjay Nirum said that a befitting reply will be given to the MNS.So it is felt that the city will

see more political violence  between these parties .



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