There Are Militants , Criminals Amongst Rohingya Muslims : MHA

NEW DELHI : The central BJP government asserted in the Supreme Court that there are some Rohingya Muslim refugees in India who have ties to militant and terrorist organisations and they may pose threat to security of the country  .

In another statement , central home ministry said that there are many Rohingya Muslim refugees  who have been  found in criminal activities .The government with such allegations and information expressed determination to deport all Rohingya Muslim refugees who took shelter in India since 2012 .


The central home ministry statement leveled many charges ranging from criminal activities to militancy against Rohingya Muslim refugees  , describing them as illegal immigrants .Rohingya Muslim refugees began to enter into India from 2012 -13 .The central home ministry says that many Rohingya Muslims were found involved in criminal activities.


Some of them indulged in frauds, to gain illegally the documents of Indian identification. Some were found involved in cases of fake currency. The home ministry also alleged that some Rohingyas spawned an organized group of touts, agents who are involved in such rackets. But the serious charge which was made by the central home ministry against the Rohingya Muslims , was of suspected militancy .

The home ministry said ,”Some of the illegal immigrants are suspected of having links with ISI and ISIS operatives , and memebers of extremist groups targeting India .

How To Deport Rohingya  Muslims ?

The Indian government has made it clear that all the 40000 or more Rohingya Muslims , who entered the country after 2012 , without any valid document are illegal immigrants and they will be deported .But Myanmar has also said that Rohingya Muslims are not the citizens of Myanmar .

The Burmese authorities say that they are Bengali or Bangladeshi .But Bangladesh stoutly denies this.Bnagladesh itself is hosting more than 4 lakh Rohingya Muslim refugees , and Bangladesh government is also pressurising Myanmar government to take them back .

In such circumstances , it is asked , how the Indian government will deport 40000 Rohingya Muslims  when no country is ready to take them back ?



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