Man Behind McDonald's Fries


How many of your mouths don’t start to water as soon as someone mentions McDonalds? I guess none.

Well, here’s presenting to you the man behind your happy tummy filled with all those fries you just wish to keep on coming.

Famous French Fries from McDonald's
Famous French Fries from McDonald’s

Ismail Rahim Sheru, an ordinary farmer from Gujarat turned into a multi-millionaire soon after associating with these leading food brands; McDonalds and McCain. Here’ how.

A short glimpse from where it all began:

Ismail Rahim, a B.Com graduate, went against his father’s will to settle down with a 9-5 job.

He chose hard work over easy money and started farming on his ancestral land.

Ismail Rahim at his Farm in Gujarat
Ismail Rahim at his Farm in Gujarat

Around 1998, he stumbled across this company from Canada named “McCain” and thus the journey to his success began. McCain initially signed him a contract where the potatoes from his farm were used in the making of the products.

After signing a contract with this huge brand, other opportunities eventually paved way to his farm.

He also got rid of the commission making hurdles that came along the way.

Potato Farm
Picture for Representation Purpose

In the process of making his business stronger and supplying his farm grown potatoes to these companies, he transformed his 5 acre land to a massive 400 acre. Ismail bhai these days is running a successful business with about 12 acre land reserved for a company each.

More power to you, Ismail Bhai! Keep’ em fries coming!




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