Meet India’s Largest Bull That Drinks Whisky And Weighs Over 1.5 Tonnes: £2.5 Million

This blog is just to appreciate this beauty and the beast himself, not even kidding. Just look at how amazing this bull is, dark and handsome, and also worth a whopping 2.5 million pounds.

Sultan is his name, drinking whisky is his game. You read that right! Every night he downs a bottle of whisky. How he ever got the taste for it, one cannot imagine.

“We take him for a five kilometer walk every morning, and every evening we feed him a bottle of whiskey,” said his owner Naresh Kumar, who says Sultan is worth over three million dollars.

“He has won first prize in seven competitions,” he added.

Naresh, who belongs to the state of Haryana in India, claims his bull to be the biggest and most expensive in the entire country.


Not just the, the amount of expenditure on his everyday food will surely send you into coma for while.

He consumes 33lbs apples, 44lbs carrots, 22lbs grains and 22lb greens, all washed down with dozens of pints of milk e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y costing his grocery bill to about $150,000 yearly.

Lakhvir Singh, who takes care of Sultan, said:

“People come from all over to buy his semen. He drinks alcohol on a daily basis in the evening.”

“His kids are also healthy but they don’t drink alcohol,” he further added.

Oh and he maintains a strict cleanliness regime, bathes twice a day.

isn’t he simply amazing?





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