NEW DELHI: Most of the Muslim intellectuals and experts are of the opinion that Maulana Saman Nadvi has been used by some forces to send a message that the unity and unanimity among Muslim Ulema and leaders on the issue of Babri Masjid has been broken.

It succeeded to send the message at a time when All India Muslim Personal Law Board  went into its  huge and full  strength  meeting at Hyderabad .It was not surprising that Maulana Salman Nadvi did not attend this meeting  even as he was a member of Board .

A meeting was arranged between him and Sri Sri Ravishankar just before theAIMPLB meeting to announce a formula on Babri Masjid – Ram Janam Bhumi dispute.

Such formula and so  called negotiation is not new .Many Muslim leaders and so called Ulemas advocated for such pact before .Maulana Waheduddin Khan of Delhi was among the earliest who suggested that such agreement must be entered into by Muslims and they must settle this issue out of court .

But during two decades of what was suggested by Maulana Waheeduddin Khan and others , Maulana Salman Nadvi kept quite . It is noteworthy that AIMPLB advocated the same line of action on Babri Masjid issues from the first day and the policy to solve this matter through court did not change.

Today also , AIMPLB is following the same policy of solving this matter through court .But Maulana Salman Nadvi , who being member of the Board for so many years , in fact , accepted the Board’s policy on Babri Masjid issue .

He suddenly changed his views on the matter and he has agreed to give the plot for constructionof Babri Masjid and in exchange of this , he is ready to settle for a plot of Mosque in faraway  Lucknow .

It is asked by Muslims , if he believed in such a view , why he did not express him for the last three decades and why he agreed to become the member of Board for so many years , in spite of knowing well the policy of Board on Babri Masjid issue ,which remained unchanged .



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