NEW DELHI  : Film Padmavati is being targeted from every corner and many states have banned the release of the film while many states , majority of them ruled by BJP are contemplating to ban it .The situation has forced the exhibitors to postpone the release of the film .The producers have not decided the new date of release yet while there was a plan to release it on December 01 .

MP has declared that the film is banned in the state and it will not be allowed to be released .After MP , UP also announced a ban on the film .UP CM Yogi said that they have already banned the film and their stand will not change .

The UP government has sent a letter to the I & B ministry expressing concerns over the film .UP is also ruled by BJP as MP.The UP CM Yogi also told the media that any film which hurts the religious sentiments of the people must not be permitted to be released.

He said that if those issuing threats to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone are guilty then the both film personalities are also guilty as they have hurt the religious sentiments of people .In such words UP CM tried to defend those who are threatening the film personalities and are declaring huge amounts for beheading them.

Punjab and Rajasthan also banned the film while Maharashtra government is contemplating to ban the exhibition of the film in the state .




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