Malls, Restaurants, Hotels To Remain Open 24 Hours

NAGPUR  :The Maharashtra government allowed malls , restaurants and hotels to remain open 24 hours .The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment act was amended yesterday .An amended “The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment (Regulation of employment and Service condition ) Act 2017 was passed and a notification was issued therefore the shops and hotels in states can work 24 hours daily.

The sources said that while shops, hotels and malls have been allowed to remain open 24 hours , the notification also explained that this facility will not be extended to pubs , wine shops , beer bars , discotheques and they will have to adhere to the current time  restrictions .

The notification also stipulates that the employees must get one day leave every week.The weekly offs for the employees have been made compulsory.

The new act also restricts license Raj .Small shop owners which employ less than ten workers will not need any shops and establishment license. They are free from visiting the Municipal offices for license nor they will be visited by License inspectors.

But they must register them to the concerned authority online . The government sources claimed that such exemption will benefit 22 lakh small and  medium shop owners and business people in the state .

Now they are freed from the license Raj .The law however stated that all these 22 lakh small business people who employ less than 10 employees must get them registered with their local municipal authorities on line .




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