KUALA LAMPUR: Malaysia which granted permanent residency to the Islamic preacher from Mumbai took turned around and clarified that the Malaysian government will deport Dr. Zakir Naik if the government of India makes a  formal request for extradition  .

(The source meanwhile in Delhi hinted that the legal process to extradite Dr. Zakir Naik from Malaysia to India is near completion and request may be made soon to the Malaysian government for Islamic scholar’s  deportation .)

The deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Ahmed zahid Hamidi however told the media that no such request has been received by the Malaysian government from India so far .

“If India makes a request for extradition, he ( Dr. Zakir Naik ) will be deported  via the Mutual Legal Assistance ( agreement ) and we will send him back ,” said dy PM Hamidi .

The NIA has registered case under UAPA against Dr. Zakir Naik , his organization  IRF and company Harmony Media India ltd for creating enmity and hatred among different communities in India .A charge sheet was filed in the court recently .

Dr. zakir Naik was in Saudi Arabia when cases and FIRs were lodged against him first .Now as the charge sheet has been filed against him , he is said to be in Malaysia .

It was reported earlier that Malaysia granted him permanent residency .Some sources apprehended that it will be very difficult to bring Dr.zakir Naik from Malaysia  as he is protected by the permanent residency granted to him there .

But the recent statement of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Ahmed zahid Hamidi revealed a change  on  part  the Government of Malaysia . Now , it is presumed that India through NIA will initiate the process of extradition of Dr. Zakir Naik to India so that he may face the case in the courts.

The Malaysian Islamic and opposition parties like Prati Islam Se Malaysia ( PAS) demanded that Malaysian government must grant shelter to Dr. Zakir Naik  and he must not behanded over to the government of India .

PAS leaders said that Dr. Zakir Naik is an Islamic scholar of repute and allegations against him that he is radicalizing Muslims are baseless .



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