MUMBAI :Makar Sakranti is an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated throughout the country with different names in different regions  .There are special food preparations and festivities connected to this festival which is celebrated as Pongal in Tamil Nadu , Megha Mela in North India and Makar Sakranti in Western India  .

This is the festival which occurs in harvest season therefore special food and desserts form usual part of festival.

Kite flying is a major festive activity on this occasion .Therefore kites , kandeel and other flying objects see a roaring sale on the occasion .

According to media reports , Kites with pictures of PM Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah are popular in Gujarat where BJP was  again

voted to power this year  .Kites are also being made a source of spreading social message .

In Ahmedabad , the international kite flying festival is organized  every year on the occasion of this festival where master Kite Flyers from all over the world participate to demonstrate their skills .


The festival is the new beginning when Sun enters into Makar Rashi , so devotees perform rituals and new phase is celebrated .In Maharashtra , this festival is called as the festival of Til-Gud .New clothes , home appliances , books are purchased on this occasion .

Some Sweets  prepared on this festival :

Traditionally Til ( sesame ) and Gur ( Jaggery) are  mixed and rolled together to make Til Ke Laddu .This is an indispensable part of this occasion .The local tastes can add some local flavor to this as from Lohri of Punjab to Samkranti of Maharashtra , the festival travels along with many local tastes and traditions .

Like til ka Laddu , a similar preparation is called as  Gajak or Til ki papdi .At some places , it is  prepared and called as Rewdi , chikki  .In some preparations  grated coconut is also used .

Jaggery is an integral part of these preparations .In Marathi , it is said “Til Gud Ghya And Goad Goad Bol “ , take Til and jaggery and talk sweetly .These have longer shelf life and according to Ayurveda these have many health benefits .




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