Mahatama Joti Rao Phule : A crusader For Equality ,Liberty ,Human Rights


MUMBAI: Mahatama Joti Ba Phule was a true champion and crusader for the rights of down trodden and oppressed classes of Indian society .He believed in equality of all human beings .He fought against those forces which enslaved poor people in the name of castes and religion .He was a true leader of Bahujan – India .

He resisted and challenged communal, fascist forces as well as the oppressing class conspiring to maintain their monopoly in the society ,so he vehemently opposed Brahmins.

According to a historian, Mahatama Jotiba Phule boldly attacked the stronghold of the Brahmins who prevented others from having access to all the avenues of knowledge and  influences .He denounced them as cheats and hypocrites .he asked the masses ( the Bahujan classes of his time ) to resist the tyranny of the Brahmins .( Book Slavery , page : xvii)

He opposed hegemony of priest class and slavery of oppressed classes , Shudras , ati- Shudras , women .He   raised the voice for human rights of all human being .He initiated  the movement of freedom and liberty of common people from the clutches of ruling religious class .

His critics could not respond to him therefore they brushed aside him , and tried to ignore him saying that he was echoing what the Christian missionaries said   about  the Indian society in general and Brahmins in particular . Mahatama  Joti Ba Phule has genuine concern for human rights of common people of those times .

He believed in equality but there were forces which divided Indian society into higher caste and lower caste and thus enslaved majority of citizens ( Bahujans ).Mahtama Joti ba Phule fought for the liberty of such social out castes , depressed and oppressed classes from the tyranny of  higher caste people .Therefore , he is described as Bhujan Samrat , the  crusader who really broke the chains of slavery of  depressed and oppressed classes of Indian society .



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