Maharashtra Waqf Board In Mess, Muslims Enraged

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra State Waqf Board is in mess and the office bearers of thousands of registered waqfs of the state are being harassed as work in the board has come virtually to halt.

Such circumstances have sent the wave of resentment in the Muslim community .The care taker CEO of the Board Nasima Bano Patil was dismissed in a case of illegal sale of waqf property worth Rs.2500 Crores  recently.

No new  CEO has been appointed since then.A large number of files  are  being piled  in Waqf Board as no decision is being taken by the board .The delay in  appointment of a full time CEO is hampering the work.

It is very  surprising  that just few days after suspension of care taker CEO Nasima Patel , another senior Waqf board official was also suspended .

The business at the Maharashtra state waqf board headquarters at Aurangabad instead of improving turned ugly .The internal feud among the members and the chairman came to surface and local newspapers are carrying reports about these daily.

Some members made allegations against the Chairman and the Chairman of the Waqf board M M Shaikh made counter allegations against those members .He also resigned from the post.

Some members of an NGO locked the gates of the State Waqf Board office last week .They told that this was their way to protest as total work in the Board office has come to halt and persons coming to the board office from all over the state are being harassed .

According to the sources , the waqf board office is total mess and there is chaos instead of work .As of now , the state Waqf board has no chairman , no full time CEO , as a care taker CEO has been appointed as temporary arrangement but he sits  at  Mantaralya ,Mumbai .The Waqf board members are divided in many groups and they are indulging into internal fights  and conflicts.In such situations the  common Muslim  trusts and organisations  are  the worst sufferer .



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