Madrasas Called Terrorist Dens While Machine Guns Being Seized From Ashrams, Irony !!!

ROHTAK: Police confiscated several lethal weapons including AK-47 rifles, mauser machine guns, pistols and other arms from some Ashrams of Baba Ram Rahim, which indicated that these Ashrams stored a large quantities of foreign-made of arms & ammunition unchecked.

Huge Quantity Of Fire Arms In Ashrams?

These rifles and machine guns cannot be kept by private citizens and private organizations, even in the name of security or defense. The licensed arms for self defense does not include  foreign made machine guns.

However the Ashrams of a BJP supported Baba had these banned arms and ammunition, in quite a large quantity. Administration not taking any action about this is quite surprising.

While Madarsas In Uttar Pradesh Told To Prove Patriotism

The fact is that while BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh was issuing Islamic Madarsas to prove their loyalties to the nation by hoisting tricolor flags on Independence Day, and Sangh Pariwar sections were falsely alleging the Madarsas to be terrorist dens, Ministers of the ruling BJP Government were bowing their heads in the same Ashrams which stored large quantities of illegal arms including machines guns, pistols etc.


Baba Ram Rahim got Z plus security by the government. In India, a large number of Hindu Godmen and leaders of Hindutwadi  organizations are enjoying the Z plus security.

Among Indian Muslims, there is hardly any religious leader except Imam Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Delhi, who received higher category of security. So whom the government is protecting at the  public expenses?

Babas like Ram Rahim or people like Togadia?

While the fact is that ordinary citizen is not safe even in the streets of National Capital Delhi. A common Indian woman is not safe in open public places, where sexual assaults and rape cases are increasing. However Z plus security is provided to those who instigate communal tensions or crimes against citizens.

It is very astonishing that while Baba Ram Rahim was facing murder case and rape case, how Z plus security was granted to him and how his Ashrams were allowed to keep large quantities of illegal fire arms unchecked?

If AK 47 was Seized From a Madarsa?

Let us just imagine, instead of Ashrams, if a single AK 47 would have been seized from any Islamic Madarsa?

What would have been the reaction of the so called national media?

What would have been the reaction of BJP governments?

What would have been the reaction of Sangh Pariwar?

And compare their reactions in Baba Ram Rahim case. It will certainly explain about a shameful, biased and anti Muslim atmosphere created in the country.



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