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Lynching Muslims In The Name Of “Gau-Bhakti” Is Not Acceptable: NARENDRA MODI

With rapid increase in the series of events happening around the country over beef or community differences or just casual hatred, killing in the name of any of the above will not be accepted and the PM has finally broken silence on this.

The killing of the 16-year-old Junaid Khan on a train before Eid has shook the nation to its core. The increasing graph of inhumanity has finally made the PM to speak up against the series of deaths from lynching that has claimed the lives of many innocent people from minority communities.

The fear amongst communities has risen to such an extent that accepting one’s own religion nowadays seems life threatening.

Modi’s message comes a day after India saw huge nation- wide protests named #NotInMyName condemning the lynching of 16-year- old Junaid Khan. What seems amusing is that the Prime Minister is touring the whole world and building relations with different countries all across, but is unable to solve serious internal issues of his own country. So the question arises, whether the western world will turn into blind eyes on Modi’s ineffectiveness, on the issue of lynching people from the minority, and still invest billions of dollars in India.

Junaid Khan was stabbed to death and his two brothers were severely injured following an altercation on a Delhi-Mathura train on 23 june. Reacting to Modi’s statement, Junaid’s brother said the statement was welcome; the family was “not fully convinced”. They want an end to this kind of killings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the following statements at the anniversary celebrations of the Sabarmati Ashram:

Protestors and countrymen are eagerly waiting for these words by the PM to turn into actions, and to eradicate these hurdles in way of Nations progress.



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