Listen to kids like me’, Mosque leaders urged to involve young people

‘Listen to kids like me’, Mosque leaders urged to involve young people

Mosque leaders must do more to involve young people will be the central call of 11-year old mini CEO Shakira Rahman at the national Our Mosques Our Future conference on 12 October.

LONDON ( PRESS RELEASE ) “Half of British Muslims are aged 24 years old or younger, but few young people have a real voice in our communities and listen to kids like me,” Shakira will tell mosque leaders during her keynote speech at the conference organised by the Muslim Council of Britain.

Shakira, who is mini CEO of the British Muslim charity Penny Appeal, also said, “As a kid, I have played a part in shaping the future of our charity from a young person’s perspective, and I hope places of worship can support more kids in doing the same.”

The call comes on the back of “Our Youth Our Future”, the theme for the 12 October conference where over 30 panellists, workshops and exhibitors will be exploring how places of worship and in particular mosques, play such a central role in civic life and can positively transform the lives of young people.

The conference will also look at how Muslims and Mosques can address key issues and taboo subjects affecting young people, from responding to knife crime, to integrating ex-offenders to addressing mental health issues.

Harun Khan, MCB Secretary General said, “Communities thrive when they have both young and old equally involved. From climate change to international aid, the most influential leaders today are often young people. Whilst Greta Thunberg is a most recent example, faith traditions also provide a rich heritage of how societies prosper when young people are given a chance.”

He continued, “When places of worship ignore young people, they do so at their own loss. The future will be our young people’s, and it is only right that they are the ones shaping our organisations and ultimately their future.”

The Football Association and Leicester City Football Club will be leading key discussions about the role of sports in engaging young people and encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, while the Prince’s Trust will also be supporting the conference by sharing insights around mentoring and youth empowerment projects.

The 12 October “Our Mosques Our Future” conference is being hosted at King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club.

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