MUMBAI : Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar firmly believed in separate electorate for depressed classes as Jinnah was granted by British .But Dr. Ambedkar did not want separate nation for depressed classes and he argued for the United India .He opposed the separate Nation demand of Jinnah and Muslim League also as he was firmly against partition .

Dr. Ambedkar sought  separate electorate for the depressed class defining that the depressed classes only must be given the right to elected their own representative while in case of general  voting  in  even reserved constituencies , all voters elect representatives of depressed classes .Then how a representative from depressed class will represent his own class in a true sense , it was argued .

Such depressed class representative although getting elected from reserved constituency will be more loyal to his parties than people of his caste and class .Such apprehensions are proved right today, as those members of depressed classes who get elected on a BJP ticket talk about the BJP’s Hindutva agenda rather than being loyal to the cause of their class .

Dalit representatives from Congress and other mainstream parties also remain loyal to their parties than their classes.

Today , there are many Dalit leaders and parties like BAMCEF , Bharat Mukti Sena and Waman Meshram who are raising the demand of separate electorate for depressed classes and Dalits again.

It was Mahatama Gandhi who opposed separate electorate for Dalits vehemently .He began fast onto death  from September 20 , 1932 in Pune’s Yerwada Jail  to desist Dr. Ambedkar from his demand for separate electorate for Dalits .

The fast created such a hostile atmosphere for depressed classes that Dr. Ambedkar was forced to enter into an agreement which is known as Poona Pact .

Dr. Ambedkar had proposed  the idea of separate electorate for Dalits and depressed classes in the first round table conference .This envisaged that the community to which electorate belongs to would choose their own leaders via an election in which the candidates of only their community would be allowed to contest and only their community members will vote .


But in case of reserved seats , candidate may be from the community only for which seat is reserved but every eligible voter in that constituency would vote and elected person will represents every voter of the reserved constituency .

The pressure of Mahatma Gandhi fast forced Dr. Ambedkar to give up the demand for separate electorate and agree for the reserved constituencies and thus Poona Pact came into being .




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