It Was Like Holiday In Mumbai Today

After A Devastating Flood Which Crippled City's Local Train Services For More Than 20 Hours , The City Today Saw A Sunny day and Slowly Became Normal

MUMBAI: Mumbai, after devastated floods, recovered and became normal today ,  .Many stranded people in the city could only reach their home , in the morning .The government declared holiday  in Schools and Colleges , but it seemed that many private organisations also allowed their employees holiday , today.

The following is a brief  look into yesterday’s floods and today’s situation  :

*Only 3 person, including 2 children were killed in some incidents , in the city while 2 persons , including a women and a girl , died in Thane .In July 26 , 2005 floods in Mumbai and western Maharashtra , 1094 people died .In Mumbai , more than 500 people died due to house collapses , landslides and other accidents .

*The 2 day rains in the city, on Monday and Tuesday flooded the local train tracks, resulting in suspension of local train service for 20 hours .This is the first time after 2005, that flooding crippled the local train services for more than 20 hours .These local train carry more than 65 lakh passengers  daily from suburban areas of Mumbai , to South Mumbai .

*Central railway local trains were worst hit in the floods .The first local train from CST today moved out for Kalyan  , only at 7.26 am today .Services at other routes like Kalyan to Karjat , Kalyan to Titwala , Thane to Kalyan were also operated today . Clearing of stranded trains took a lot of efforts during last 2 hours , Railway officials said .

* Western Railway services today resumed and ran perfectly normal .A railway official said that the rain stopped in the night so it helped to clear water logged tracks.

*Rain fall recorded, on Wednesday, till 5.30 A.M was 110.6 mm in Colaba ,  while at Santacruz observatory it was 328 mm. However the force of rain decreased today .According to disaster management department of BMC, the rain fall recorded on August 30 , 2017 , during the last 12 hours , at 7.00 pm was only 1.77 mm .

*Mubaikars saw a bright sunny day, today, but as most of the establishments declared holiday today , and as lakh of workers and office goers , who were stuck up in at various places , reached their home only in the morning , so private organizations also observed holiday today .

*Local trains are running normally, but there were very few passengers. The road traffic is also returning to normalcy in the city .



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