Late Night Riot In Jaipur Brought Under Control

JAIPUR: A petty issue between policemen and a bike rider over the eviction of some hawkers turned into riot in Jaipur late last night. But police officers said today that situation has been brought

under control .Police resorted to lathi charge , fired teargas shells as crowd pelted stones and went on rampage setting on fire vehicles and public properties .The local public was infuriated as a policeman hit a woman with lathis .

Curfew was imposed in the limits of 4 police stations. The situation was brought under control by deploying additional force. One was killed and 10 were injured in the violence. The city is reported to be normal and quite on Saturday morning.


What Happened?

The ugly incident  which occurred in Ram Ganj Police Station area and alleged police high handedness during  removal of hawkers  is reported to be the main cause of  riot .A Muslim couple was going on motorcycle .Policemen at the checking duty tried to stop them .Police officials say that the couple tried to flee .But some eyewitnesses alleged that policemen thrashed the couple including Burqa clad woman with lathis .This incident enraged the local people .A crowd collected ta the police station late during the night .Violence broke out as their demands to take action  the guilty police men were not met .

What Victims Said?

The victim couple narrated their version to the media .Mohammed Sajid , who was driving the motorcycle with his wife as pillion rider along with their small daughter  said that  Police men were removing the hawkers from the area as I was passing from there. I  told the policemen not to evict them and they became angry. Some policemen gave lathi blows at me as well as at  my wife .When I protested they were very  hostile  and  more violent. We reached at police station where commutation attracted crowds .The arguments and mishandling of crowd ked to lathi charge and violence.

What Police Said?

Jaipur Police Commissioner Sanjay Agarwal  said , “A petty dispute between a policeman and a motorcycle borne couple late last night grew into the conflict between police and local people .Curfew was imposed at 1 am in  the areas of 4 police stations of the city to bring the situation under control “ .

Curfew Imposed

Curfew imposed in areas of 4 police stations which are:

(1)Ram- ganj police station

(2) Galta Gate police station

(3) Manak Chowk Police Staion

(4) Subhash Chowk police station

Don’t Believe In Rumors

Some Police officers said that rumors are being spread in the city which creating tension. They appealed to the citizens not to believe in rumors .They also warned against spreading rumors. The administration as a precaution , banned internet sevices in the city to check rumor mongering .




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