There are more than 35000 old buildings in Mumbai city and suburbs , and no government has implemented tenet friendly policy successfully , so tenets are forced to live in these buildings

MUMBAI: There are more than 35000 old and dilapidated buildings in Mumbai city and suburbs, which need redevelopment and reconstruction, as most of them are beyond repairs. But lakhs of Mumbaikars are forced to live in those dangerous buildings, risking their lives, because all government plans to redevelop these buildings are only on paper.

No concrete and  tenant friendly implementation of such buildings  has been seen for the last few decades .But , whenever , any  incident of building  collapse occurs , tall claims are made by politicians .Scape- goats are found amongst some junior officials .

Lip service is done in the name of inquiry and action. Then, every one forgets seriousness of the problem till the next incident. This is what is happening in the city continuously even after governments in Mumbai and Delhi change .Situation for 35000 old buildings and lakhs of their tenets remains the same and they are staying in those dilapidated buildings at the mercy of Almighty.

Redevelopment , it is alleged , is a big racket to fleece tenants .Builders , politicians , MHADA officials , BMC officials and police officers are hand in gloves and they are minting money , in the name of redevelopment of  old buildings .

A large number of tenants, who went for redevelopment of their building, have been cheated by builders .They have been left in lurch .Thousands of tenants have been disappointed by officials of different departments , who don’t give justice to harassed  tenets .Instead , there are many examples where officials colluded with builders in exploitation .


Therefore , many tenets knocked the doors of courts , where their cases are pending , but the arduous judicial  is not the solution for their problems as many tenets do not have  financial capacity to engage lawyers .Greedy builders hire lawyers, who exploit even judicial process , in such a way that harassed tenets may surrender to the terms of builders.

Such examples dissuaded tenants of thousands of old buildings , from not  be tempted into the trap of redevelopment .They choose to live in old buildings , as they have their business, trade ,  employment , and education of their children in that particular area. They do not wish to go to far away areas, after falling victim to builder’s trap.

So, who is real culprit, if some incident of old building collapse happens ? Mumbai must give answer.



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