Killings of Muslims , Dalits In The Name Of Cow Protection & Love Jehad

MUMBAI : The  strategy  to unleash  vicious propaganda  among public to create mass hysteria has been adopted by the Sangh Pariwar for  grabbing political power in India  .

The  political targets have been reached but the result of creating a communal hysteria against Muslims and Minorities has created a bid divide among the major communities of the nation .The loss has been done at the grave cost as the faith of people among different communities has been destroyed to a large extent .

Now , the minority communities and  Dalits are living in fear in many of the states where extremist elements are in power .The trust of centuries between different communities has been deliberately broken by fake propaganda .

Fake movement of Cow Protection on the false charges that holy Cow is being slaughtered by Muslims on a large scale triggered many violent incidents. Mob lynching is a new phenomenon during the BJP rule and it is the result of continuous hatred spread on  the false charges of Cow slaughter against Muslims as well as  Dalits .

Social media has been used terribly in  a planned manner .Whether it was the incident of beating of six Dalits assaulted in Gujarat  for skinning a dead cow or mob lynching of Akhlaq  Ahmad in Dadri to the gruesome murder of  Afrazul Khan in the name of Love Jehad , misuse of social media for spreading terror and hatred between the communities has been a part of strategy .

All such violent incidents which created sensation right from the murder of Akhlaq Ahmed to Afrazul Khan are preceded by one or the other election.Video shooting of all such incidents indicate to the planning before the execution of such crimes .

In most of the cases , police has been a silent spectator .Police has been used to evn discharge such accused persons solid evidences were produced against whom .This indicates patronage  of government and political forces to such crimes .

It is now beyond doubt that such incidents occur in a planned manner to polarize electorate and communalize atmosphere before elections .Therefore no demands for impartial inquiries are being done and no justice is being done to the victims. This narrow communal politics may be very harmful for

the country in future, therefore there is an urgent need  of unity among all secular forces of the country .



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